Verge. by Clayton Woolery.


for J

there is energy like lighting

but when it builds up

there aren’t a million raindrops

illuminated by its burning.

instead, two poets realize they are

one. let me explain, you

were only meant to think me in passing

because I could only write about diverging,


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Disco, Wolverhampton, England 1978 by Chris Steele-Perkins

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Amazing displays of awesomeness by the amazing . S/O to Dougies , Terrio killin ‘em & Carltons.

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Hi! I just wanted to message you because I am making a zine about queer black masculinity for a semester project at Ohio University and was wondering if you would be willing to participate in answering a few questions regarding some issues about queer black masculinity. I am trying to get a variety of voices in order to present a more personal/intimate perspective. If you're interested in helping plz message back or email mc385510 @ ohio edu then i could send you the questions. thank you! xo

yeah shoot me an email jay[at]jayydodd[dot]com 

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Lupita Nyong’o - Vogue Italia February 2014

by photographer Tom Munro

by stylist Patti Wilson 


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What I Learned From Tweeting With A Black Woman’s Avatar For #RaceSwapExp

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Last night my little said what differentiates my voice as a writer is while average people put write about finding themselves in outrageous situations, I find average things outrageous.

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